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Happy summer everyone!

Registration is now open for the fall 2016 season of Ballard soccer.  Please make sure that you have your registration in before 07/01/2016.  There will be a $20 late fee assessed on any registrations received after 07/01/2016 through 07/08/2016. 
Please make sure to include birth certificate and photo of your child.  There will be an additional email that you will receive with the medical waiver form.  We will need these items each and every season.  For your privacy and your child's privacy of information, after each season we will destroy the information that is provided to our club. Please refer all registration questions to my email address: mrsjenderson©gmail.com

There will be an additional fee of $100 that will be collected for the U16 Coed team, this was not able to be added to online registration.  This will be collected from each U16 family.

Thank you,

Kellie Enderson


Ballard Soccer Registrar

Online and pdf (paper copy) of the registration and medical forms can be viewed by clicking on the Registration menu at the top of the page.

Spring 2016 Soccer Season has begun.  We will continue to use Tourney Machine for team schedules.

Tourney Machine Site for GDMJSL (U12-U14)  
              BS12C is in U12 Coed: U12-03                                                          
              BS12D is in U12 Coed: U12-09                                                          
              BS12T is in U12 Girls: U12G-05
              BS12U is in U12 Girls: U12G-07                                    
              BS14C is in U14 Coed: U14-04
              BS14T is in U14 Girls: U14G-04
   Link to GDMJSL Tourney Machine Site:  SCHEDULE                                   
Tourney Machine Site for CISL (U09-10)
     BS10D is in U09-10 Coed:
     BS10T is in U09-10 Girls:
   Link to CISL Tourney Machine Site:        SCHEDULE

Field direction links are under Membership and choose CISL Fields - GDMJSL Fields.

Field Conditions


U10 Field: 

U12 Field: 

U14 Field: 

Games for this weekend are considered day by day.  Please contact Paul Kallio or Troy VanMaaren for more information regarding field status.

Note:  The league President or Director of Field(s) will determine if conditions are not suitable for play.  In this event, the fields will be closed maked by the date (EXAMPLE:  Sunday, 5-5-13, Field(s) are closed for play).  Coaches will still notify oposing teams and their team members if a field(s) are closed.  Field conditions may also be marked as wet - suitable for play or left blank, indicating conditions are suitable for play.  We will provide this information as a means for preparing for the upcoming game.